Seasoned Las Vegas rapper Caine Oth compels the audience to feel the true quintessence of the lyrical wordplay of his recently released hip hop track, ‘Rage’.

Los Angeles, California Sep 13, 2021 (  – Thriving rapper Caine Oth is giving hope for contemporary hip hop by bringing the old-school aggression back into the scene. He has effectively shaken the minds of the listeners with his hardcore rhyming style and raw storytelling. He has dished out a brilliant new song, ‘Rage’, reminding the fans about his thematic dexterity and hold over the genre. His power-packed voice sends a chill down the spine allowing them to grasp the full essence of the track. The pristine production driven by the electrifying rhythms fills the atmosphere with vibrant positivity and buoyancy. He has taken the responsibility to take the genre to the next level with his quality creations.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, the brilliant musician grew up listening to different types of hip-hop music from all over the world. This inspired him to take upon music-making as a hobby. His hobby soon developed into a full-fledged music career. He later moved to Las Vegas in order to become chase his musical goal. His rapping ability improved over time, allowing him to bring his dynamic storytelling to life. His flawless vocal performance fuels the severity of the raw lyrical illustrations, depicting his real emotions and opinions. The audience is bound to love the flavors of both old-school and modern hip hop.

The prolific Las Vegas rapper Caine Oth is working to improve his music establishing his very own record label The Oth entertainment. Caine Oth proves his worth as a brilliant hip-hop artist whenever he releases a new number. His latest single, ‘Rage’ presents his finest rapping and storytelling ability wrapped in the warm embrace of a groovy melodic flow. Some of his most popular creations are, ‘Better’, ‘Paper’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Daddy’ among many. Follow him on Facebook to know more about his music and future plans. Listen to his vast musical collection only on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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Author: Elroy Pepper